Sunday, April 15, 2012

She walks like spring & talks like rain!

Do you like spring? or rain ? For me those are the two things I love the most(in nature) .. and when combined it's perfect. But I'm talking about that light rain that brings fresh air in this big city, um I know , Skopje is not that big , but for me it is and its very polluted :( So.. as I was saying I love walks on soft spring rain .. it calms me .. for me it smells like hope, If hope had a smell :) I believe hope smells different for everyone, hope has the smell of happy times... Today it's a beautiful day .. it's Easter ( I'm Orthodox ) and this day means celebration of love, family , faith .. so Happy Easter! I'm wishing you all the love & happines in the world!



  1. HE2U2 :)
    Otkako sam pobegla na selo, naucila sam da disem :))
    Divna ti ova japanska jabuka :)

    1. Ocajno mi trebaat bar nedela-dve na planina da procistam belive drobovi :)

  2. Uh, hoću i ja da prodišem malo, treba mi odmor od grada :D