Friday, May 4, 2012

Amazing white gold ring by Vhernier!

First of all , how amazing is this ring ? It's just me.. or ?! I love it, the green is amazing, it's very unique as a whole item. It's designed by Vhernier. The jeweler has created a model white gold and diamonds topped with a cabochon jade, made ​​transparent by the magnetic and crystal.
Vogue says: "A hypnotic effect that can be found in this ring of jade, set on a white gold setting studded with 554 diamonds of 5.52 carats. The reflection of the stone and the color intensity seem to dance at the bottom of the cabochon talisman to the rhythm of a waltz reminiscent of that lascivious Seabed caressed by the sun at its zenith."


  1. No, it's not just you - I love it! :D
    It's pretty and has a cool, special colour.


  2. Great ring!


  3. That is such a beautiful ring! I love that color too. Your blog is so lovely =)

    Suzie Q
    Style Cue by Suzie Q

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  6. nice!

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  7. dream!

  8. That definitely is a great ring!

  9. it's amazing!love it!

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  12. Simple designs looks more elegant to me.

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