Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lovely tea & words ( Aleph - Paulo Coelho )

When the day is tough, and my heart is blue , all that cheers me up is a nice and warm cup of tea and beautiful words. Enjoy! :) xx

I free myself from hatred
Through forgivness and love.
I understand that suffering,
When it cannot be avoided,
Is here to help me on my way to glory.

I understand that
Everything is connected,
That all roads meet,
And that rivers flow into the same sea.
                             From ALEPH – Paulo Coelho

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kate Moss for MANGO Spring 2012 - Spy Game

 MANGO is one of my favourite clothing brands. They are always unique , with lots of statment pieces of cloth , jewellery , bags etc. But this line caught my eye right away. It very fresh , youthful , sexy .. simply lovely! And Kate Moss representing it , makes it one or more levels higher (:
What's ur thoughts on it ? Do you like it ? What's ur fav pieces ?

My picks : HOT TRENDS SPRING 2012 !

As the spring approaches and the temperatures are higher and higher my mind is set on bright colours, flowers, sun ….And then I ask my self, what shoud be my picks for the up coming season?
As I look through the lines the main thing I notice ..colours! Bright, pastel and prints, most of them floral!
One thing I notice is that white is totally HOT this season , it’s everywhere!