Friday, February 24, 2012

AVON Planet Spa review

I loveeee all kinds of make up products, parfuems, accessories but the most of all I love face and body mask, creams, lotions etc. For me they are really important , because there is no such make up that can fix terrible skin. The skin must be well taken care of, clean, healty and moisturezed.
    My first review will be on this kind of products. AVON has this line Planet Spa , including face,hair and body products .Their line consists products of dead sea minerals, mediterranean olive oil, japanese sake and rice, african shea butter, thailand lotus flower etc. I’ve tried out some of them and I can honestly say that I’m in love in them! First they are not so expencive and for that price you absolutely get luxurious, high quality products.


     I’ve tried all of the Dead sea minerals products and I’m very pleased with most of them. They all have that specific smell that some of the people don’t really like but once you start using it you get used to it. First , the face mask are absolutely my favourite. The dead sea  minerals facial mud mask cleans the skin and It penetrates pores to remove impurities , makes my skin feel really smooth. It's quite thick but it spreads out easily so you don't have to put on a thick layer. And if you have some extra oil on your face, it will be gone after using this mask, leaving it firm. The other, dead sea minerals thermal mud facial mask its similar as the former one, nice and creamy and doesn't dry my skin. It’s a lovely, whitish-green chalky mud mask and has excellent coverage. It cleans face beautifully,refreshing and you can really see skin is clean and matte.It shrinking pores as well and that’s what my skin really needs. So it’s perfect! 

Top : Planet spa dead sea mineral thermal mud facial mask; Bottom :Planet spa dead sea mineral facial mud mask;

     The third face product it’s the Smoothing facial gel . I don’t find it very useful. The name says it’s self what this product does. You suppose to wash it off and it leaves your skin very smooth, purifies and promotes healthy, renewed skin.
Planet spa dead sea minerals smoothing facial gel ( serum )

     Next it the the body butter! And omg I feel like I’m putting a real butter on my skin and it slowly melts in my skin , nourishing it and leaving it hydrated and smooth. It’s ultra rich cream formulated with dead sea salts and I can see it regenerates my skin. I love using it after I’ve shaved my legs , because it makes my skin silky smooth. 
Planet spa dead sea minterals nourishing body butter
     The next two products I’m in love with are the hand cream and the foot cream. They have a similar light formula that is very moisturizing not leaving the skin greasy at all. The hand cream instantly smooths my dry hand and it lasts for hours . The foot cream is also amazing, it absorbs right away. I had very dry foot  and every cream I’ve used only keep my feet hydrated for few hours ,but this cream have helped me soooo much. After I started using it I feel like they are never dry. 
Top:  Planet spa dead sea minerals hand cream; Bottom: Planet spa dead minerals foot cream; 

I hope you will find this review useful! :)
Until next time.. be yourself , be beautiful ... xoxo

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