Saturday, March 31, 2012

March favorites!

Hey babes!
It's the end of one of my favorite months. Favorite? Well , first its my birthday and second, spring is waking up from the cold winter and so am I :) Because just one month ago I started this blog this will be my first MONTH FAVORITES  ( there will be one every month I hope so ) :) Different kinds of everyday stuff will be here, things that left me some kind of impression or were present a lot in my life during that time.. So let's start!

1. The Hunger Games trilogy 

I LOVE THEM! The books are so so so so good! I've read the first one before but this month I read the second and the third book ( Catching Fire & Mochingjay ). March was totally Hunger Games month ,everybody was waiting for the premiere, there were tons of information, interviews, premiers .. where ever you turn there was something about the Hunger Games. I'm so sad that I still haven't seen the movie, but it's not my fault, it's not out where i live :( But I'm a HUGE fan! :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Let's talk: Put yourself first

 This might seem to you like one of those cliché talks about confidence, But no matter how high or low our confidence is, everybody now and then needs a little reminder how precious we are and if we don’t take care of our self no one will. 
So that’s the reason why I decided to write this (honestly I needed reminder he he :P)
                                                                So let’s start... 
Accept your self & don’t criticize your self – nobody is perfect. 

Set goals and work on them. Start small but dream big, work step by step.

Let go of the past! Everybody changes, use the negative into postivie, but start fresh, today is a new day!

Friday, March 23, 2012

It's just a casual friday

Hello Friday!
I woke up, the sun was shining and it was calling me to go outside! :)BUT It's a work day, everybody had something to do .. and (un)luckily for me I was free all day. So I just had a walk around my neighborhood and the rest of the day I spent it home..uh It's such a lost day for me If it's sunny outside and i spend it home.
So cleaning my room was my best option , I reorganized my book shelf , my jewelry , cleaned around...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring standouts 2012!

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If you wanna look trendy for this season , you definitely should have some of this ..

What's your favourite?

Neon knit!

Rebecca Taylor Pointelle-knit Sweater
                                           Two-toned sunnies!

Illesteva Le Steel Metal Sunglasses

Punchy Platforms!

Sergio Rossi Strappy Wedge Sandals

Pastel Blazer!
Topshop Fluid Longline Blazer

Bold Jumpsuit!
Rachel Zoe Shawl Collar Jumpsuit

Novel Necklace!
Orly Genger Thread & Tube Necklace

Cool colar!
Eleven Objects Silk Collar

Artsy scarf!
Marc by Marc Jacobs Printed Scarf

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'm loving SMASH! (TV Series)

Smash is my new addiction! I’m a total TV series junke, I admit. Smash is a drama/musical starting Will&Grace star Debra Messing who is famous song writer living in New York , working on Broadway musicals, married with one kid, having marital problems, having an affair and all that drama in between. She starts a new project Marilyn the Musical, working on it with her best friend/ co-worker played by Christian Borle. And there starts the drama and ofc the MUSIC! There are actress, dancers, audition, competition, love, sex, fights...and the big question Who will have the honor to play Marilyn ?! Katharine McPhee and Megan Hilty are in that battle, both of them are amazing in their own way, with amazing voices and the songs are so good!!! You should totally check it out , I highly recommend it ! J
Enjoy some of the music.. ;)

Smash е мојата нова зараза! Признавам дека гледам многу серии , но оваа ми остави посебен впечаток. Smash е драма/мјузикл , со ѕвездата на Will&Grace Debra Messing која игра улога на автор на песни , живее во Њу Јрок , работејќи на најдобрите престави на Бродвеј. Таа е мажена , има едно дете, но има и афера. Кога ќе почне со новиот проект Marily the Musical , на кого работи со нејзинот

Lipstick #1 - Drawn to you!

Review: Avon’s Colordisiac lipstick

This is my favorite lipstick at the moment. I’m totally in love with the color. It’s Avon’s Colordisiac lipstick in the shade Drawn to you. It has this pinkish purple color and I think it totally fits its name. It has super creamy rich formula, smells really nice, easy to apply but carefully because of the dark color mistakes are easy to spot! :) A thing I don’t like is that It doesn’t last very long and it makes the lips little dry but after a few hours. But it’s not too bad. Overall, I really like this product and totally recommend it! :) 
Have you tried it? Do you like the color? :)
Let me know!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Photography: Rimini (ITALY)

As I was reorganizing my photos I run into these pictures from last summer. I was in Italy, in a little town on the east coast called Rimini. I had such an amazing time, the beach was spectacular and the sea was lovely. I wanted to share this with you, because I fell in love with the city...
Have you ever been there? What’s your favorite place for vacation?
Let me know!
Bacio ;)

Friday, March 16, 2012

DNKY ! Spring 2012!

Spring 2012 Magazine issues!

Cosmopolitan (US), March 2012, Spring '12 
Cosmopolitan (Netherlands), March 2012, Spring '12
Boston Common, Spring 2012 ISSUE

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm the Birthday Girl ! :)

Yesterday was my birthday , sooo have a glimpse at my preparation and celebration! Btw I gad a wonderful day!<3

Doing my makeup (:

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Timeless Beauty. It’s Monica Bellucci ! For D&G S/S 2012!

Monica Anna Maria Bellucci born in 1964 and still looks as goddess! She is my definition of a beautiful woman, always have always will. And when Stefano says: ‘She expresses perfectly the Dolce & Gabbana woman. She is ravishing – a true Italian icon.’ Domenico is just as complimentary about the actress, describing her beauty as ‘timeless’ and adding that she ‘never fails to inspire us. So this makes sense that she is the muse for the new limited edition Dolce & Gabbana makeup – and the Monica Lipstick Collection.
In the campaign,  Bianca Balti and Monica Bellucci play the matriarchs of a traditional Italian family. Captured by Giampaolo Sgura in Southern Italy, the images depict Sunday mornings with the label’s colorful dresses and lingerie inspired tops. I’m in love in Italy, so the video and the pictures are AMAZING to me…and I think to all of you! Am I right ? What do you think? Let me know!



Sunday, March 11, 2012

INSPIRATION! Home decoring – ideas!

It’s Sunday! And usually on Sundays I’m at home most of the day. As today as I was cleaning around and organizing, I was wondering what I have to change something in my home, so I started searching for ideas. I found some good ones and I thought it might be a good blog post! So here is it. 
 I love changing things around my home, keeping it new and fresh with just few steps. Your home is reflection of who you are, your likes and dislikes, your needs and luxury, your personal touch etc.
BUT, there are some things you can change in every home!
  1.    Repaint the walls! Choose some fun color, something unexpected and build this around so it gets a complete look of the room.
  2.    Change the curtains! With this you change only one thing and you make it feel like a completely new room. For the upcoming season, choose some bright, fun color or some nice print.
  3. Flowers! No matter what size, no matter what color. Keep at least few of them in the room. In the living room you can have flowers in pot if you have enough sun light and flowers in vase you can put in every room. I just love to came into a room and see flowers!
  4.    Pillows! You can keep it simple with one color one size, or you can play around with them. My advice is to get a lot of different ones, size, shapes, and colors.
  5.   Find some piece of furniture that stands out, maybe some vintage or ultra-modern. The important thing is to be noticed right away when someone enters the room.
Enough talking, lets visualize! 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

NAILS: Summer dream!

It’s pretty cold outsite, at the moment percicly 1 degree Celsius BUT my mind aches for summer!For warm wheater , beach, coctails ! And when that happens , those are the consequenses … :)


Прилично е ладно надвор, точно во моментов 1 степен, НО летото од глава не ми излага, сакам топло време, сонце, плажа, колктелчиња ммм... и да , ова се последиците...:)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Make-up: Пролет/Лето 2012 ! Spring/Summer 2012 ! TRENDS!

 Stella McCartney - Стилистот Eugene Souleiman создаде класична пунџа, која дава младешки изглед. “Малце бушава напред, но многу остра и чиста одзади”тој вели. (Создава текстура на круната , па нанесува средство кое ќе ја држи цврста, па зацврстува со шноли).  McGrath се одлучи вниманието да биде на очите, сина маскара.

"Stella says, ‘I love it when girls wear colored mascara."

Pastel Lips and Neon Nails

 Забавувајте се со боите! Флуросцентната жолта.зелена, портокалова се правиот избор! Усните нека бидат мат , а ноктите кратки и квадратни.

Monday, March 5, 2012

My outfits: Chiffon blouse!

I've been wanting a chiffon blouse for so long and I never seemed to find the perfect one! Couple days ago, when I at least expected I run into this .. and I had to have it! I love how it makes a simple outfit, for example with jeans, just perfect! I put on a vintage necklace ( my mom's ) and this lovely AVON bracelet! What do you think? You like it? (: xx
Motivi blouse

Vintage necklace

AVON Kerria bracelet

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Strange Worthy / The Good Mad ( The Lying Game )


I loving this TV series The Lying Game and there is a band called Strange Worthy. The band was formed by Baz and 2 other students from Arroyo High School. They then added Laurel to the band not long after. In real life the band is know as The Good Mad. They are performing in some of the episodes. In the latest episode 19 Weekend of Living Dangerously , at the end they were singing this cute song and I loved the lyrics!!!

NAILS : Sparkly!

Left: AVON nailwear pro in perfectly flesh; Right: Glamour nail lacquer in number 180;

Friday, March 2, 2012


Убавината на една жена не е комплетна без убава коса.Затоа негата на косата е есенцијална! Како што секоја кожа е различна и и треба различна нега и третман, исто е и со косата. Некој има густа некој тенка, некој природна некој фарбана, некој тенко некој дебело влакно, и се тоа влијае на изборот на продукти.Иако повеќето ги знаат овие работи, сепак добро е да се споделат мислења , па да се смени нешто или да се воведе нешто ново;) Еве неколку мои совети.