Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lovely tea & words ( Aleph - Paulo Coelho )

When the day is tough, and my heart is blue , all that cheers me up is a nice and warm cup of tea and beautiful words. Enjoy! :) xx

I free myself from hatred
Through forgivness and love.
I understand that suffering,
When it cannot be avoided,
Is here to help me on my way to glory.

I understand that
Everything is connected,
That all roads meet,
And that rivers flow into the same sea.
                             From ALEPH – Paulo Coelho

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  1. well I'm no hardcore fan of Paulo Coelho but i must say, of all the books he's written i find this one to be the most the most inspiring save for "the alchemist".
    i just got the book today and i already finished reading half of it.It's one of a kind.
    It compels you to dive deep within yourself and ask your heart who you really are and what your existence mean to the world. it illuminates the struggles of human life. it emphasizes on the fact that we must live now because no one is getting out alive. this book reminds me of a line in a story by Ruskin Bond, "it's not time that's passing by my friend, its You and I."